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Author: Martins, M.

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Ackermann, W. and Asova, G. and Ayvazyan, V. and Azima, A. and Baboi, N. and Bähr, J. and Balandin, V. and Beutner, B. and Brandt, A. and Bolzmann, A. and Brinkmann, R. and Brovko, O.I. and Castellano, M. and Castro, P. and Catani, L. and Chiadroni, E. and Choroba, S. and Cianchi, A. and Costello, John T. and Cubaynes, D. and Dardis, John and Decking, W. and Delsim-Hashemi, H. and Delserieys, A. and Di Pirro, G. and Dohlus, M. and Düsterer, S. and Eckhardt, A. and Edwards, A. and Faatz, B. and Feldhaus, J. and Flöttmann, A. and Frisch, J. and Fröhlich, L. and Garvey, T. and Gensch, U. and Gerth, Ch. and Görler, M. and Golubeva, N. and Ivanisenko, H.-J. Y. and Jaeschke, E. and Jalmuzna, W. and Jezynski, W. and Kammering, R. and Katalev, V. and Kavanagh, Kevin D. and Kennedy, Eugene T. and Khodyachykh, S. and Klose, K. and Kocharyan, V. and Körfer, M. and Kollewe, M. and Koprek, W. and Lipka, S. and Löhl, F. and Luna, H. and Luong, M. and Martins, M. and Meyer, M. and Michelato, P. and Miltchev, V. and Möller, W.D. and Monaco, L. and Müller, W.F.O. and Napieralski, O. and Napoly, O. and Nicolosi, P. and Nölle, D. and Nũnez, T. and Petrosyan, G. and Petrosyan, L. and Pflüger, J. and Plönjes, E. and Poletto, L. and Pozniak, K. and Prat, E. and Proch, D. and Pucyk, P. and Radcliffe, P. and Redlin, H. and Rehlich, K. and Richter, M. and Roehrs, M. and Roensch, J. and Romaniuk, R. and Ross, M. and Rossbach, J. and Rybnikov, V. and Sachwitz, M. and Saldin, E.L. and Sandner, W. and Schlarb, H. and Schmidt, B. and Schmitz, M. and Schmüser, P. and Schneider, J.R. and Schneidmiller, E.A. and Schnepp, S. and Schreiber, S. and Seidel, M. and Sertore, D. and Shabunov, A.V. and Simon, C. and Simrock, S. and Sombrowski, E. and Sorokin, A.A. and Spanknebel, P. and Spesyvtsev, R. and Staykov, L. and Steffen, B. and Stephan, F. and Stulle, F. and Thom, H. and Tiedtke, K. and Tischer, M. and Toleikis, S. and Treusch, R. and Trines, D. and Tsakov, I and Vogel, E.M. and Weiland, T. and Weise, H. and Wellhöfer, M. and Wendt, M. and Will, I. and Winter, A. and Wittenburg, K. and Wurth, W. and Yeates, Patrick and Yurkov, M.V. and Zagorodnov, I. and Zapfe, K. and Petrosyan, B. (2007) Operation of a free electron laser from the extreme ultraviolet to the water window. Nature Photonics, 1 . ISSN 1749-4885


Cubaynes, D. and Meyer, M. and Grum-Grzhimailo, A. and Bizau, J.-M. and Kennedy, Eugene T. and Bozek, J. and Martins, M. and Canton, S. and Rude, B. and Berrah, N. and Wuilleumier, F. (2004) Dynamically and quasiforbidden transitions in photoionization of open-shell atoms: a combined experimental and theoretical study. Physical Review Letters, 92 (23). 233002-1-233002-4. ISSN 0031-9007


van Kampen, Paul and Gerth, Ch. and Martins, M. and Carroll, P. and Hirsch, John S. and Kennedy, Eugene T. and Meighan, Oonagh and Mosnier, Jean-Paul and Zimmermann, P. and Costello, John T. (2000) Photoabsorption and photoion spectroscopy of atomic uranium in the region of 6p and 5d excitations. Physical Review A, 61 (6). 062706-1. ISSN 1050-2947

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