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Author: Sheehan, Helena

Number of items: 50.


Sheehan, Helena (2018) When the Old World Unraveled. Jacobin (29). pp. 102-112. ISSN 2470-6930

Sheehan, Helena (2018) Review of culture as politics: selected writings of Christopher Caudwell. Marx and Philosophy Review of Books . ISSN 2042-2016

Sheehan, Helena (2018) Review of The Progress of This Storm: nature and society in a warming world by Andreas Malm. Monthly Review, 69 (10). ISSN 0027-0520


Sheehan, Helena (2017) Closed rooms and Class War: review of Adults in the Room: my battle with Europe’s deep establishment by Yanis Varoufakis. Jacobin . ISSN 2158-2602

Sheehan, Helena (2017) As the world turned upside down: Left intellectuals in Yugoslavia, 1988–90. Monthly Review, 69 (3). pp. 64-76. ISSN 0027 0520


Sheehan, Helena (2016) ERT: rupture, resistance and restoration of Greek public broadcasting. In: Journalism in Times of Crisis, 7 Apr 2016, Limerick, Ireland.


Sheehan, Helena (2015) Ghosts of alternatives past. In: Democracy Rising, 16-20 July 2015, Athens, Greece.


Sheehan, Helena (2014) Review of Oral History, Community, and Displacement: imagining memories in post-apartheid South Africa by Sean Field. Oral History, 42 (2). pp. 108-109. ISSN 0143-0955


Sheehan, Helena (2013) To the Crucible II: a further Irish engagement with the Greek crisis and the Greek left. Irish Left Review .

Sheehan, Helena (2013) To the Crucible: An Irish engagement with the Greek crisis and the Greek left. Irish Left Review .


Sheehan, Helena (2012) An Aisling for our age. In: Engage Ideas, 21 February 2012, Royal Irish Academy (organised by Age & Opportunity).

Sheehan, Helena (2012) Is history a coherent story? Critical Legal Thinking .

Sheehan, Helena (2012) Occupying Dublin: Considerations at the crossroads. Irish Left Review .


Sheehan, Helena (2011) Book review: South Africa pushed to the limit by Hein Marais. Monthly Review, 63 (6). pp. 52-56. ISSN 0027-0520


Sheehan, Helena (2010) Book review: Sue Vice, Jack Rosenthal. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2009. European Journal of Communication, 25 (1). pp. 91-93. ISSN 1460-3705


Sheehan, Helena (2009) Review: Religion and the human prospect by Alexander Saxton. Science and Society, 73 (4). ISSN 0036-8237 (In Press)

Sheehan, Helena and Sweeney, Sheamus (2009) The wire and the world: narrative and metanarrative. Jump Cut, 51 (Spring 2009). ISSN 0146-5546

Sheehan, Helena (2009) Contradictory transformations: observations on the intellectual dynamics of South African universities. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 7 (1). ISSN 1740-2743

Sheehan, Helena (2009) Philosophy and science: connection, disconnection, consequences. The Pantaneto Forum, April 2009 (34). ISSN 1741-1572


Sheehan, Helena (2007) The centenary of Christopher Caudwell and the philosophical landscape of the century. In: Christopher Caudwell Centenary Conference, 20 October 2007, London, UK.

Sheehan, Helena (2007) The assault on scientific rationality: historical analysis and epistemological response. In: ECSO 2007 - The Assault on Science: Constructing a Response, 13th European Skeptics Congress, 7-9 September 2007, Davenport Hotel, Dublin.

Horgan, John and McNamara, Paul and O'Sullivan, John (2007) Irish print and broadcast media: The political, economic, journalistic and technological context. In: Horgan, John and O'Connor, Barbara and Sheehan, Helena, (eds.) Mapping Irish media: critical explorations. University College Dublin Press, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1904558835

Sheehan, Helena (2007) Marxism and science studies: a sweep through the decades. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 21 (2). pp. 197-210. ISSN 1469-9281

Sheehan, Helena (2007) Universities, social movements and market forces. In: All Africa House lecture series, 8 March 2007, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Sheehan, Helena (2007) Identities, ideologies, market forces and social sciences. In: University of Cape Town Dept of Sociology seminar series, 22 February 2007, University of Cape Town.

Sheehan, Helena (2007) J D Bernal: philosophy, politics and the science of science. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (57). pp. 29-39. ISSN 1742-6596


Sheehan, Helena (2006) Review: Popular television drama: critical perspectives. European Journal of Communication, 21 (2). pp. 263-265. ISSN 1460-3705

Sheehan, Helena (2006) Are the humanities threatened by the increasing commercialisation of universities? In: Humanities Festival, 11 May 2006, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Sheehan, Helena (2006) Speaking of the south: northern voices and southern realities. In: Linking the global and the local: education for development in a globalising world, 23-24 March 2006, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.


Sheehan, Helena (2005) Introduction: A voice from the dead. In: Philosophical Arabesques by Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin. Monthly Review Press. ISBN 1-58367-102-1


Sheehan, Helena (2004) Irish television drama: a society and its stories. Broadcasting and Irish Society . Radio Telefís Éireann, Dublin . ISBN 0860290115

Sheehan, Helena (2004) The continuing story of Irish television drama: tracking the tiger. Broadcasting and Irish Society . Four Courts Press, Dublin. ISBN 1-85182-688-2


Sheehan, Helena (2001) The drama of the science wars: what is the plot? [Review: Beyond the science wars: the missing discourse about science and society]. Public Understanding of Science, 10 (2). ISSN 1361-6609


Sheehan, Helena (2000) Ecological roots: which go deepest? Review of Marx's ecology by John Bellamy Foster. Monthly Review, 52 (5). ISSN 0027-0520

Sheehan, Helena (2000) Review: Questioning Ireland: debates in political philosophy and public policy. Irish Political Studies, 15 (1). pp. 223-224. ISSN 1743-9078


Sheehan, Helena (1998) Grand narratives then and now: can we still conceptualise history? Socialism and Democracy, 12 (1). pp. 75-87. ISSN 0885-4300


Sheehan, Helena (1995) Ideological analysis and the alternatives. [Review: Communication, culture and hegemony by J Martin-Barbero]. Irish Communications Review, 5 . pp. 103-104. ISSN 0791-0010


Sheehan, Helena (1994) Has the red flag fallen? In: A dozen lips. Attic Press. ISBN 1-85594-060-4


Sheehan, Helena (1993) Soap opera and social order: Glenroe, Fair City and contemporary Ireland. In: Imagining Ireland, 30-31 October 1993, Irish Film Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

Sheehan, Helena (1993) Introduction: The fate of marxism. In: Marxism and the philosophy of science: a critical history. Humanities Press International, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA, xiii-xvii. ISBN 0-391-03780-3

Sheehan, Helena (1993) Portrait of a marxist as a young nun. In: Marxism and spirituality: an international anthology. Bergin & Garvey, Greenwood Publishing, Westport & London, pp. 153-170. ISBN 0-89789-291-7


Sheehan, Helena (1992) European socialism: a blind alley or a long and winding road? Other. MSF (now Amicus) trade union.

Sheehan, Helena (1992) Gender and Genre [or The end of his story]. Graph (12). pp. 21-25. ISSN 0790-8016

Sheehan, Helena (1992) On public service broadcasting: against the tide. Irish Communications Review, 2 . pp. 59-60. ISSN 0791-0010

Sheehan, Helena (1992) The parameters of the permissible: how Scrap Saturday got away with it. Irish Communications Review, 2 . pp. 73-76. ISSN 0791-0010


Sheehan, Helena (1991) America: symptoms of decline. The Irish Review (11). pp. 56-63. ISSN 0790-7850

Sheehan, Helena (1991) Writing and the zeitgeist. Irish University Review, 21 (2). pp. 295-306. ISSN 0021-1427


Sheehan, Helena (1988) Images of the 60s in the 80s: memories of social unrest in US tv series. In: International Television Studies Conference, 20-22 July 1988, Institute of Education, London, UK.


Sheehan, Helena (1981) Philosophers, scientists and the unity of science. In: 16th International Congress of the History of Science, 26 August - 3 September 1981, Bucharest, Romania.


Sheehan, Helena (1979) The history of the philosophy of science: a broader perspective. In: 6th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, 22 - 29 August 1979, Hannover, Germany.

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