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Rami, Justin orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2222-9995, Lalor, John orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0331-0170, Gifford, Chris orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-7268-1421, Kenig, Nikolena orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0633-1735, Karalis, Thanassis orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8564-8812, Panagopoulos, Epameinondas orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1576-5300 and Spasovski, Ognen orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-6039-6946 (2024) Populism and its impact on young people. Jean Monnet Network Project Citizenship Education in the Context of European Values CitEdEV, Report . Charles Univeristy, Prague, Charles Univeristy, Prague. ISBN 978-80-7603-466-2

O’Neill, Sandra orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4271-8163, Gillic, Córa orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2976-1893 and O’Reilly, Nicola (2024) The early childhood STEAM network: an established community of practice. Education Matters, Ireland, pp. 65-69.

Mitra, Subrata K. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0508-8876, Schottli, Jivanta orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4658-1483 and Pauli, Markus orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0799-280X (2023) Statecraft and foreign policy: India, 1947–2023. DCU Press, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-7393542-0-6

Gaynor, Niamh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-5645-7032 (2022) Engendering democracy in Africa: women, politics and development. Routledge Studies in African Development (RSAD) . Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9781003147879

Butler, Deirdre, Broderick, Nicola, Usher, Joe and Moynihan, Denis (2022) First LEGO League Explore Cargo Connect Teacher Guide for Ireland. Dublin City University.

Murphy, Jamie orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3648-1868 and Mac Murchaidh, Ciarán orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4688-7300 (2021) An drámaíocht aistrithe faoin spotsolas. Leabhar Breac, pp. 97-119. ISBN 978-1-913814-15-1

Dillon, Amanda orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7929-6611 (2021) Drawn to the word: The Bible and Graphic Design. Bible and its Recption, 4 . SBL Press, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. ISBN 9781628374148

Gallen, James orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1145-9680 and Ní Mhuirthile, Tanya orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8660-0012, eds. (2021) Responsibility and a vulnerable society: state accountability and responsiveness. Gender in Law, Culture, and Society . Routledge (Taylor & Francis), London, -. ISBN 9780367085810

Krylov, Vladimir A. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-9734-5974 and McGuinness, Kevin orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1336-6477, eds. (2021) Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference, Proceedings. Irish Pattern Recognition & Classification Society, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-0-9934207-6-4

Farrell, Orna orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9519-2380, Brunton, James orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-7223-0524, Ní Shé, Caitríona orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-6592-0276 and Costello, Eamon orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2775-6006 (2021) #Openteach: professional development for open online educators. Pressbooks, Dublin. ISBN 978-1-911669-23-4

Jurišić, Dragana, Cave, Sarah and Galbraith, Susanna (2020) The Merits of Tracer Fire. Abridged, Derry.

Morrissey, Anne orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3112-7739, Carton, James orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8498-2544 and Lawler, Jenny orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9947-0958, eds. (2020) ENVIRON 2020 book of abstracts. Environ Colloquium . Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

Fryatt, Kit orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-9683-3730 (2020) Austin Clarke. Aberdeen University Press, Aberdeen, Scotland. ISBN 978-1-85752-086-6

Pintado Gutiérrez, Lucía orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7627-0440 and Castillo Villanueva, Alicia, eds. (2019) New Approaches to Translation, Conflict and Memory: Narratives of the Spanish Civil War and the Dictatorship. Springer, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 978-3-030-00698-3

Meehan, Paula and Jurišić, Dragana (2019) Museum. Dublin City Council, Dublin. ISBN 978-0-9957446-5-3

Cassidy, Tanya orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1143-378X and Dykes, Fiona orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2728-7967 (2019) Banking on milk: ethnography of human milk relations. Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Health and Illness . Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9781138559073

Guevara, Jennifer orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2581-5102 (2019) Transmitir el oficio de enseñar. La formación de docentes para el nivel inicial. Teseo Press, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ISBN 978-987-86-1274-4

Johnson, James orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-5203-8583 (2018) The US-China military and defense relationship during the Obama presidency. New Security Challenges (NSECH) . Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 978-3-319-75837-4

Lynn, Theo orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9284-7580, Dong, Dapeng orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8545-8931, Xiong, Huanhuan orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1809-0388, Castañe, Gabriel G. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0486-1492, Morrison, John P. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-0134-6025, Filelis-Papadopoulos, Christos orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-6591-970X, Dragan, Ioan orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2881-7480, Fortis, Teodor-Florin orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3143-8908, Neagul, Marian, Petcu, Dana orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4773-770X, Selea, Teodora, Spataru, Adrian orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-0702-6276, Giannoutakis, Konstantinos orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8939-4912, Gravvanis, George A. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1562-3633, Kouzinopoulos, Charalampos S., Makaratzis, Antonios T. and Tzovaras, Dimitrios (2018) Heterogeneity, high performance computing, self-organization and the Cloud. Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies . Palgrave Macmillan (Springer), Cham, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-319-76037-7

Kraetzschmar, Hendrik and Rivetti, Paola orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1794-0504 (2018) Islamists and the politics of the Arab uprisings: governance, pluralisation and contention. Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies . Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9781474419260

Cowley-Cunningham, Michelle orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1997-6009 (2017) Hypothesis testing: how we foresee falsification in competitive games. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany. ISBN 978-3-330-08429-2

O'Connor, Rory orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9253-0313, Mitasiunas, Antanas and Ross, Margaret (2015) Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on software process education, training and professionalism (SPETP 2015). CEUR Workshop Proceedings Series, 1368 . EUR Workshop Proceedings, Aachen, Germany.

Murphy, Clíona orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-6251-5785, Broderick, Nicola orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-5926-0331 and Kenny, Lyndsey (2015) Real science for young scientists. Dublin City University. ISBN 978-099272762-8

Rivetti, Paola orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1794-0504 and Di Peri, Rosita (2015) Continuity and change before and after the Arab uprisings: Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9781138103788

Kelly, Orla orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9139-7792 and Cutting, Roger (2015) Creative teaching in primary science. SAGE Publications Ltd, London. ISBN 9781446255438

Jurišić, Dragana (2015) YU: The Lost Country. Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-0-9929641-1-5

Albatal, Rami orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-9269-8578, Doyle, Julie, Yang, Yang, Smeaton, Alan F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1028-8389 and Caprani, Niamh (2014) Proceedings of the 8th Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference. Dublin City University, Dublin,Ireland. ISBN 978-1-873769-27-0

Harney, Brian orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-3252-563X and Monks, Kathy (2014) Strategic HRM. Research and practice in Ireland. Orpen Press, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-909895-22-5

Bhreathnach, Úna, Cloke, Fionnuala and Nic Pháidín, Caoilfhionn (2013) Téarmaíocht don Aontas Eorpach. Taithí na hÉireann: Tionscadal GA IATE/ Terminology for the European Union. The Irish Experience: The GA IATE Project. Cló Iar-Chonnacht, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-909367-66-1

Hughes, Jean (2013) The dynamic curriculum: shared experiences of ongoing curricular change in higher education. Dublin City University.

Duffy, Mel orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8091-7406 and Sheridan, Vera (2012) Cultures of diversity: sexual orientation in An Garda Síochána. Dublin City University, Dublin. ISBN 078-1-873769-13-3

Leonov, Max (2012) Trekker hull class: orbital-assembly preload-restrained segmented rigid pressure vessels with sandwiched soft gas barriers. Self Published. ISBN 978-1-873769-09-6

O'Flynn, John orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4661-8805 (2011) Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education. St Patrick's College Drumcondra, Dublin. ISBN 978-0-9559519-4-7

Duffy, Mel orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8091-7406, Clarke, Jean and Corcoran, Yvonne orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9941-1042 (2011) The dynamics of sharing professional knowledge and lay knowledge: a study of parents' and professionals' experiences of childhood interventions with a Marte Meo framework. Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 1872327982

Doherty, Aiden R. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1840-0451, O'Hara, Kieron, Aizawa, Kiyoharu, Caprani, Niamh and Smeaton, Alan F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1028-8389 (2011) IAPMA 2011: 2nd Workshop on information access to personal media archives. IAPMA 2011: 2nd Workshop on Information Access to Personal Media Archives, 2 . Dublin City University, Dublin City University. ISBN 1872327974

Berry, Emma, Byrne, Daragh, Doherty, Aiden R. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1840-0451, Gurrin, Cathal orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2903-3968 and Smeaton, Alan F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1028-8389, eds. (2010) Proceedings of the second annual SenseCam symposium (SenseCam 2010). 16-17 September 2010. Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 1872-327-915

Doherty, Aiden R. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1840-0451, Gurrin, Cathal orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2903-3968, Jones, Gareth J.F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2923-8365 and Smeaton, Alan F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-1028-8389, eds. (2010) Proceedings of the ECIR2010 workshop on information access for personal media archives (IAPMA2010), Milton Keynes, UK, 28 March 2010. IAPMA Workshop Proceedings . Dublin City University. ISBN 1872327869

Travers, Joe orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1932-2961, Balfe, Tish, Butler, Cathal, Day, Thérèse, McDaid, Rory, O'Donnell, Margaret and Prunty, Anita (2010) Addressing barriers and challenges to inclusive education in Irish schools. St Patrick's College. ISBN 978 0 955951 97 8

Kehoe, Sharon (2008) Calcium phosphates for medical applications. Dublin City University. ISBN 1-87232-776-1

Levingstone, Tanya J. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-9751-2314 (2008) Ceramics for medical applications. Dublin City University. ISBN 1-87232-752-4

McCabe, Una orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-7720-0535 (2008) Classroom Drama - A Practical Guide. CJ Fallon, Dublin. ISBN 978-0-9545837-6-7

Cassidy, Aideen orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7669-8260 and Kiely, Bernadette (2008) Resources for developing a school wide literacy plan. Curriculum Development Unit, Dublin.

French, Geraldine orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7075-038X (2008) Supporting Quality: guidelines for professional practice in early childhood services Book 1 Policy & Governance. Supporting Quality, 1 . Barnardos, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 978-1-906004-05-7

Keane, David (2007) Caste-based discrimination in international human rights law. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, UK. ISBN 978-0754671725

Brabazon, Dermot orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-3214-6381 and Olabi, Abdul-Ghani orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9209-3619, eds. (2007) Proceedings of the International Symposium for Engineering Education, ISEE-07. Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 1872-327-64-8

French, Geraldine orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7075-038X and Murphy, Patricia (2005) Once in a Lifetime: early childhood care and education for children from birth to three. The National Children's Resource Centre, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 1 898662 66 5

Sheehan, Helena (2004) Irish television drama: a society and its stories. Broadcasting and Irish Society . Radio Telefís Éireann, Dublin. ISBN 0860290115

Sheehan, Helena (2004) The continuing story of Irish television drama: tracking the tiger. Broadcasting and Irish Society . Four Courts Press, Dublin. ISBN 1-85182-688-2

Cassidy, Aideen orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7669-8260 (1999) Reading pairs: start a peer tutoring project in your school. Teachers' manual and resource pack. Curriculum Development Unit, Dublin. ISBN 9780-9467-9128-6

Batchelor, Bruce G. and Whelan, Paul F. orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9230-7656 (1997) Intelligent vision systems for industry. Springer. ISBN 3-540-19969-1

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