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Ildefonso, Tracy Mae orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7968-3654 (2023) From Asog to Bakla: Genealogical Analysis of the Philippine History to Diagnose the Roots of Homophobia. Humanities Bulletin, 5 (2). pp. 213-238. ISSN 2517-4266

Kavanagh, Anne Marie (2022) The attempted destruction of a collective identity: The case of Irish Travellers. Shuddhashar Free Voice, 31 .

Tiwari, Anish, Hogan, Teresa orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-9508-1717 and O'Gorman, Colm orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-6507-309X (2021) The good, the bad, and the ugly of ‘Startup India' - a review of India’s entrepreneurship policy. Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), 56 (50). pp. 45-52. ISSN 0012-9976

Sheehan, Helena and Callahan, Mat (2021) Sophistry, Politics and Philosophy. Socialism & Democracy, 35 (2-3). pp. 38-48. ISSN 0885-4300

Zhang, Qi orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1061-4036 and Cuo, Ya (2021) A multimodal approach to attitudes towards Tibet in Chinese language textbooks. Asian Ethnicity, 23 (4). pp. 741-761. ISSN 1463-1369

Kuldas, Seffetullah orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-3510-4056, Foody, Mairéad orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0026-0294 and O'Higgins Norman, James orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0997-6942 (2021) Does ethnicity of victims and bullies really matter? Suggestions for further research on intra-ethnic bullying/victimisation. International Journal of Bullying Prevention, 4 . pp. 243-254. ISSN 2523-3653

Erdocia, Iker orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2459-1346 (2020) Language rights and groups of immigrant origin: the case of language claims in the Spanish cities in North Africa. Language Problems and Language Planning, 44 (2). pp. 146-169. ISSN 0272-2690

Ganie, Mohd Tahir orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4738-6604 (2020) ‘All I got is stones in my hand’: youth-led stone pelting protests in Indian administered Kashmir. Social Movement Studies, 20 (1). pp. 115-123. ISSN 1474-2837

Sasikumar, Harikrishnan orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-8862-6590 (2020) Negotiating caste: a matter of the public and the home. Inter-Actions .

Sheehan, Helena (2020) Class, race, gender and the production of knowledge: considerations on the decolonisation of knowledge. Transform (7). pp. 13-30. ISSN 2514-3387

Ganohariti, Ramesh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-3981-4207 (2019) Dual citizenship in de facto states: comparative case study of Abkhazia and Transnistria. Nationalities Papers, 48 (1). pp. 175-192. ISSN 0090-5992

Boyle, Anne, Hanafin, Joan orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8016-2266 and Flynn, Marie (2018) Parental Involvement: Irish Travellers and early years education. Encounters in Theory and History of Education, 19 . pp. 186-204. ISSN 2560-8371

Bruzos, Alberto orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3991-6986, Erdocia, Iker orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2459-1346 and Khan, Kamran orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2517-3018 (2017) The path to naturalization in Spain: old ideologies, new language testing regimes and the problem of test use. Language Policy, 17 (4). pp. 419-441. ISSN 1573-1863

Mitra, Saumava orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8622-7091 (2017) Adoptability and acceptability of peace journalism among Afghan photojournalists: lessons for peace journalism training in conflict-affected countries. Journal of the Association of Journalism Education United Kingdom, 6 (2). ISSN 2050-3903

Rivetti, Paola orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-1794-0504 (2013) Empowerment without emancipation: performativity and political activism among Iranian refugees in Italy and Turkey. Alternatives, 38 (4). pp. 305-320. ISSN 0304-3754

Sheehan, Helena (2013) To the Crucible: An Irish engagement with the Greek crisis and the Greek left. Irish Left Review .

Conway, Maura orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-4216-8592 and McInerney, Lisa (2012) What’s love got to do with it? Framing ‘JihadJane’ in the US press. Media, War & Conflict , 5 (1). pp. 6-21. ISSN 1750-6352

Deiana, Maria-Adriana and Goldie, Roz (2012) Survivors in peace: government response in meeting the needs of survivors of serious physical injury and sexual assault during conflict, as a legacy for Northern Ireland and Bosnia. International Journal of Peace Studies, 17 (1). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1085-7494

Cooke, Dervila (2011) Hybridity and Intercultural Exchange in Marco Micone’s Le Figuier enchanté. The French Review, 84 (6). pp. 1160-1172. ISSN 0016-111X

Kamp, Annelies and Mansouri, Fethi (2010) Constructing inclusive education in a neo-liberal context: promoting inclusion of Arab-Australian students in an Australian context. British Educational Research Journal, 36 (5). pp. 733-744. ISSN 0141-1926

Hay, Marnie orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7802-2096 (2008) The foundation and development of Na Fianna Éireann, 1909-16. Irish Historical Studies, 36 (141). pp. 53-71. ISSN 0021-1214

Macri, Gloria (2006) Review: Travellers and Roma - education and health issues. Translocations: Migration and Social Change, 1 (1). pp. 187-190. ISSN 2009-0420

O'Connor, Barbara (2005) Sexing the nation: discourses of the dancing body in Ireland in the 1930s. Journal of Gender Studies, 14 (2). pp. 89-105. ISSN 0958-9236

Sheehan, Helena (2000) Review: Questioning Ireland: debates in political philosophy and public policy. Irish Political Studies, 15 (1). pp. 223-224. ISSN 1743-9078


Renate Luitjens-Tol, Marije orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-0237-0174 (2024) Introducing the resilient peace system: new potentials for peace in Kosovo and Medellín. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Premaratne Ganohariti, Ramesh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-3981-4207 (2023) Citizenship and contested statehood: a comparative analysis of aspirant states in the former Soviet space. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Kapic, Tajma orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-4302-2536 (2022) The impact of consociational peace agreements on the descriptive representation of women in national and sub-national political institutions in divided societies: the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Ploscariu, Iemima orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-2398-6090 (2021) A dappled people: Jewish, Roma, and Romanian evangelicals challenging nationalism in interwar Romania. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Wojcik, Inga (2021) Home, family and gender in the lives of young adults of Nigerian descent in Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Connaughton-Crean, Lorraine (2020) “He thinks he is Polish, but the way he acts is Irish”: the negotiation of family language Policy within Polish migrant and transnational families in Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Kirk, Niamh (2019) Circuits of journalism: mediating Irishness in the digital disapora press. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Stapleton, Catherine (2018) An exploration of the experiences of minority faith and minority worldview students of a Roman Catholic school ethos in post-primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Scanlan, Oliver James (2018) Between the city and the village: the differential impact of the predatory and absentee state on indigenous land rights and deforestation in Bangladesh and India. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Gamze Üstündağ, Buse (2017) An investigation into the Experiences of international Muslim students in an Irish university. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

McNulty, Gemma orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-6909-6958 (2014) Latin America’s left turn: el factor indígena the role of indigenous social movements in Latin America’s left turn. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Vekic, Krizan (2014) Mono-ethnic to multi-ethnic: exploring change in four schools which went from mono-ethnic to multi-ethnic student populations. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Walsh, Dawn (2014) With a little help from our friends?: Independent commissions and the mediation of issues in post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Boyle, Anne (2014) A study of the involvement of Traveller parents in Traveller preschools in Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Liu, Jia (2013) Integration of ethnic Chinese children into Irish primary schools. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Ní Chearbhail, Rhona (2013) ‘Ni bheidh uaigneas orm ann’ An aisimirce go ceantar Gaeltachta Chonamara ó 1948 go 2008: léiriu liteartha agus eitneagrafaiochta. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Macri, Diana Gloria (2012) Logging into diaspora? Online identity narratives among the Romanian migrants in Ireland. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Storch, Katharina (2008) Tracing the journey of cross-cultural adaptation of Polish migrant women in Ireland - a process of creating home when home is away. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Ahmad, Jamaliah (2000) A reception analysis of a development-oriented television programme by a multi-ethnic society. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Conference or Workshop Item

Gaynor, Niamh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-5645-7032 (2009) In from the margins: development and internationalisation within Irish universities. In: Sustainable Global Development: Irish Aid Development Education Conference 2009, 16-17 Oct, 2009, Limerick, Ireland.

Sheehan, Helena (2007) Identities, ideologies, market forces and social sciences. In: University of Cape Town Dept of Sociology seminar series, 22 February 2007, University of Cape Town.

Book Section

McGuirk, Niamh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3025-7005 (2023) Anti-racism and interculturalism. In: Golden, Brighid, (ed.) Global Citizenship Education- Curious Teachers, Critical Classrooms. Irish Aid DICE Project, Ireland, pp. 12-18. ISBN 978-1-7394706-0-9

McGuirk, Niamh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3025-7005 (2023) Education about Religions and Beliefs. In: Pike, Susan orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-6476-5465, Ní Cassaithe, Caitríona orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-4772-1994, McGuirk, Niamh orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3025-7005, Usher, Joe orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-5214-9817, Mallon, Benjamin orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8764-9712 and Whelan, Peter orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-6299-7801, (eds.) Social and Environmental Education: A Review of Research and Scholarship in Geography, History and Education about Religions and Beliefs in the Context of the Redeveloped Irish Primary School Curriculum. National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), Dublin, Ireland, pp. 85-100.

Mitra, Saumava orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8622-7091, Creta, Sara orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-0002-3734 and McDonald, Stephanie (2021) How our rage is represented: acts of resistance among women photographers of the Global South. In: Orgeret, Kristin Skare, (ed.) Insights on Peace and Conflict Reporting. Journalism Insights . Routledge (Taylor & Francis), pp. 89-105. ISBN 9780367859008

Deiana, Maria-Adriana (2013) Citizenship as (not)belonging? Contesting the replication of gendered and ethnicised exclusions in post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Roseneil, Sasha, (ed.) Beyond Citizenship? Feminism and the Transformation of Belonging. Citizenship, Gender and Diversity Series, 13 . Palgrave Macmillan., UK, pp. 185-210. ISBN 9780230320543

Delaney, Des orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7897-1486 and Cavatorta, Francesco orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2249-1392 (2011) The exclusion of denizens within the Irish social and political opportunity structure: The cosmopolitan case of Muslims in the Republic of Ireland. In: Egholm Feldt, Jakob and Sinclair, Kirstine, (eds.) Lived Space:Reconsidering Transnationalism among Muslim Minorities. Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 123-153. ISBN 978-3-631-60071-9

Doyle, John orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-0763-4853 (2010) The politics of the transformation of policing. In: Doyle, John, (ed.) Policing the Narrow Ground: Lessons from the Transformation of Policing in Northern Ireland. Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, Ireland, pp. 167-211. ISBN 9781904890669

O'Connor, Barbara (2009) Colleens and comely maidens: representing and performing Irish femininity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In: Flannery, Eóin and Griffin, Michael, (eds.) Ireland in focus: film, photography, and popular culture. Syracuse University Press. ISBN 978-0-8156-3203-0


Erdocia, Iker orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2459-1346 (2023) Language in public participation: Understanding and overcoming language and culture barriers in the political participation of people of migrant origin. Policy Report. Dublin City University.

Wheatley, Dawn orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-8751-4535 and Rubio Arevich, Leysi orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-0405-0980 (2023) Attitudes towards news media in Ireland: Perspectives from Nigerian and Polish migrants. Project Report. Irish Broadcasting Authority.

Macdonald, Stuart orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-7483-9023, Yilmaz, Kamil orcid logoORCID: 0000-0001-9453-8415, Herath, Chamin, Berger, J.M., Lakhani, Suraj orcid logoORCID: 0000-0002-3077-4133, Nouri, Lella orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-2228-588X and Conway, Maura orcid logoORCID: 0000-0003-4216-8592 (2022) The European far-right online: an exploratory Twitter outlink analysis of German & French far-right online ecosystems. Policy Report. Washington, D.C.: RESOLVE Network.

Sheehan, Helena (2002) Cronin-Sheehan Interviews 2001-2002. Other. UNSPECIFIED.

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