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Subject: Law

Number of items at this level: 53.


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Book Section

Daly, Yvonne Marie (2017) Commentary on the report of the tribunal of inquiry into ‘The Kerry Babies Case’. In: Enright, Mairead and McCandless, Julie and O'Donoghue, Aoife, (eds.) Northern / Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges' Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity. Hart (Bloomsbury), Oxford, pp. 195-203. ISBN 9781509908936

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Conference or Workshop Item

McEvoy, Emma (2012) Enhancing transparency through the use of standardised procurement templates. In: International Public Procurement Conference 2012, 17-19 Aug 2012, Seattle, USA.

Horgan, John (2007) Paper by Professor John Horgan, Press Ombudsman. In: NUJ Biennial Conference, 21 Oct 2007, Tullamore, Ireland.

Daly, Yvonne Marie (2007) The Criminal Justice Bill, 2007: effects on the pre-trial process. In: Criminal Justice Bill 2007: Implications for Law and Practice Conference, 9 May 2007, Trinity College Dublin.

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O'Higgins-Norman, James and Kiernan, Geraldine (2015) Bullying in the workplace. an analysis of cases at the employment appeals tribunal under the unfair dismissals acts (1977-2007). Project Report. Dublin City University. ISBN 978-1-873769-52-2

Gaynor, Niamh (2013) Local governance, conflict and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Policy Report. Dublin City University.

Horgan, John (2011) Report on Editorial Processes and Risk Management Procedures in RTE Television Current Affairs. Technical Report. RTE.


Griffin, Arthur Luke Gerard (2016) Could Ireland opting in to the European Investigation Order have a detrimental effect on fair trials and fundamental rights protections in Ireland? Master of Laws thesis, Dublin City University.

Quinn, John (2016) The corporate objective: reinterpreting directors’ duties. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

McStravick, Darren John (2015) The Irish restorative reparation panel and the search for community: idealised rhetoric or practical reality? PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Brown, Jennifer (2015) The legal powers to detain the mentally ill in Ireland: medicalism or legalism? PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Joly, Francoise (2015) The responsibility to protect: from doctrine to practice ‘R2P’ and protection of civilians: case study: DRC. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Yuko, Elizabeth Ivana (2012) Is the development of artificial wombs ethically desirable? PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Yuko, Elizabeth Ivana (2009) Theories, practices and promises: human trafficking laws and policies in destination states of the Council of Europe. Master of Laws thesis, Dublin City University.

Doyle, Dermot (2003) Civil-military relations and co-operation in Kosovo 1999 to 2001. Master of Arts thesis, Dublin City University.

Doyle, Dermot (2003) Civil-military relations and co-operation in Kosovo 1999 to 2001. Master of Arts thesis, Dublin City University.

McAuley, Adam (2001) Parens patriae: the paternalist model of children's rights. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

O'Gorman, Michael (2001) The copyright regulatory system in Ireland: its development and effects, 1700-1990. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

MacMaoláin, Caoimhín M.O. (2000) Food labelling requirements in European Union law. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

Kelly, Laurence (1998) The Oireachtas: examination of the proceedings of two committees of the 27th Dail and their impact on the functions of parliament. Master of Business Studies thesis, Dublin City University.

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DeVries, Ubaldus R M Th (1996) Professional negligence reconsidered. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

McConnon, Mary Patricia (1988) Local government law - its effects on the operations of local authorities. Master of Arts thesis, Dublin City University.

Working Paper

Dewhurst, Elaine (2011) Migrant worker recruitment in an era of globalisation: Lessons for the legal regulation of recruitment agencies in Ireland. Working Papers in International Studies. (Paper No. No 8/2011). Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.

McDonagh, Kenneth (2011) Pirates, failed states and the EU - Security practice and European identity. Working Papers in International Studies. (Paper No. 2011/5). Dublin City University, Dublin.

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Higgins, Noelle (2004) The approach of international law to wars of national liberation. Martin Monograph Series. (Paper No. Monograph 3). Martin Institute, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.

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