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Subject: World Wide Web

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O'Callaghan, Derek and Greene, Derek and Conway, Maura and Carthy, Joe and Cunningham, Padraig (2015) Down the (white) rabbit hole: the extreme right and online recommender systems. Social Science Computer Review, 33 (4). pp. 459-478. ISSN 0894-4393

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Book Section

Conway, Maura (2018) Is cyberterrorism a Real threat? Yes: why we should start from this assumption. In: Jackson, Richard and Pisoiu, Daniela, (eds.) Contemporary Debates on Terrorism (2nd edition). Routledge (Taylor & Francis), Abingdon and New York , pp. 102-108. ISBN 978-1-138-93136-7

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Conference or Workshop Item

Doyle, Maryanne and Smeaton, Alan F. and Bermingham, Adam (2014) TriVis: visualising multivariate data from sentiment analysis. In: 8th Annual Irish Human Computer Interaction (iHCI) conference, 1-2 Sept 2014, DCU, Dublin, Ireland.

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