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Subject: Language

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Book Section

Bruen, Jennifer (2015) Cognitive dissonance and the subjective mind in foreign language learning: the use of structured academic controversy in the German language classroom. In: Arnd, Witte and Theo, Harden, (eds.) Foreign Language Learning as Intercultural Experience: The subjective dimension. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 187-202. ISBN 978-3-0343-1879-2

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Conference or Workshop Item

Sauberer, Gabriele and Najera Villar, Blanca and Drebler, Jens and Schmitz , Klaus-Dirk and Clarke , Paul and O'Connor, Rory (2017) Do we speak the same language?: terminology strategies for (software) engineering environments based on the elcat model - innovative terminology e-learning for the automotive industry. In: 24th European Conference on Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement (EuroSPI 2017), 6-8 Sept 2017, Ostrava, Czech Republic. ISBN 978-3-319-64218-5

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